Kuwahara Decal Sets

What are the correct Kuwahara decals to put on your build?  Where do you buy them?  Are they N.O.S. (New Old Stock)?  Are they reproduction?  If so, are they quality reproductions? And most importantly, are the Accurate decal sets?

We have been asked so many questions through email regarding Kuwahara decals that we decided to make the ultimate Kuwahara frame set decal guide to help Kuwahara collectors track down the proper decals to restore their Kuwie’s back to Factory specs.

If you want and need Factory Correct decals, then Vintage Steel BMX (previously known as BMX-Rider) is the ONLY seller in the world that sells Accurate and High Quality Kuwahara Decal sets worthy of any vintage Kuwahara BMX.

Not to mention, Vintage Steel BMX is also now a Worldwide “Authorized / Licensed” reseller of Kuwahara bmx decals so that title right there makes them even more legit.  Visit their website here.

For Official quality Kuwahara Pad Sets, we have found Jumpsports in Thaliand to be the best and they are also an Authorized/Licensed reseller.  Buy padsets here.

WARNING: With all of our research pointing to one respected seller, we must still warn and inform the un-knowledgeable newbies and the un-convinced, of the falsely advertised Counterfeit decals being sold online as reproductions as well falsely advertised as NOS.

In Thailand, 2 sellers, called “Sxo-Shock” and “S-World” have been selling fake “Nos” Kuwahara decals without Kuwahara’s permission.  There were also a few other sellers in Malaysia, UK and Indonesia.

Don’t be Fooled! These are reproductions at the worst quality.  Never approved or produced by Kuwahara themselves in the 1980’s.

NOTE: Be also AWARE that poor quality reproduction Kuwahara decal sets were being printed even back in the 1980’s.. so if you do find a subpar Decal set advertised as N.O.S., it truly could be new old stock from the 80s.. but a legit poor quality repop decal from back in the day! But most likely a Counterfeit.

CONCLUSION: If you have any doubt, compare to a Vintage Steel BMX set or contact us for any help.

To see pictures of these Counterfeit decals click here.

4 Generations of Decal Sets

There are 4 generations of Kuwahara decal sets produced between the years 1979 and 1988.  Generation 2 is the most common decal set you will find on the popular 1982 – 1984 Laserlites and Novas. However, ALL main tube and fork decals are the exact same size for any 16″, 20″, or 24″ frames and forks.

(Updated Jan. 1, 2022)

FACTS: SOME INTERESTING AND KEY DETAILS TO NOTE – All models produced September 1983 and later included the ® symbol in all the decals (except the “Lightning Bolt” seat post & handlebar decal which did not include the ® symbol until 1984 ish) except the “4130” seat post tube decal. This ® logo was found ONLY at the bottom right corner of each decal. Factory original decals also include little ‘placement dots’ on the main tube decals of all models, on the ‘model name’ decals (Laserlite, Survivor, Nova, & Pantera) and on the fork decals of E.T. models only.